Litter For Ferrets

A crucial element to ferret handling and care is providing the right habitat where it can roam around freely, do its daily habits, including relieving itself whenever necessary. An inappropriate environment can create a lot of stress to your pet ferret, so you need to make sure that everything that your fuzzy ball needs is provided for it. This includes the best litter for ferrets.

Ferrets have a very interesting eating habit. Since they have a very short digestive tract, it will take only a few hours before they would need to get filled again. The more frequent one eats, the more frequent that it will need to relieve of itself of body wastes. That means as you are setting up your pet ferrets’ cage, you will need to make sure that the right litter box is provided for it. It should be of the right height and should also provide enough room so that your little furry friend will be able to do its thing without getting stressed. If it finds its litter box too uncomfortable to use, it might find other space in the house to relieve itself. You don’t want that to happen.

Litter For Ferrets

Although your ferret can be trained quite easily, you will still need to be patient when attempting to do so. It will take a while before your little friend can get acquainted with his litter box for ferrets, so you will have to find a way for your pet to like going inside the box and not pee or poop outside of the box or somewhere else.

Ferrets usually depend on smell to find its bathroom. That means you need to make sure that his litter box will carry a distinguishable scent like that of its bedroom or food bowl. While cleaning the box, you may want not to clean it thoroughly so that your pet can easily smell his bathroom and go straight to it whenever he needs to go.

Litter For Ferrets

Litters encourage a ferret to use its litter box instead of any other space within its cage when it needs to relieve of itself. This makes its cage a lot cleaner as your pet will only go to its designated bathroom and its stink will not cling on any other parts of his cage.

Litters can also mask the odor inside the cage. You see, a ferret can be so messy at times. You might see your little pet dragging its bed near or even into the litter box and just sleep there. There are times that your fuzzy friend may find its litter box something to play with and throw off some of the beddings placed in there as if it is some kind of a toy.

That means when you want to find the best litter for ferrets, you also need to consider opting for those that won’t be hazardous to its health, and also convenient and easy to clean. You may also want to go for litters that are available in bigger sizes so that your tiny friend won’t take it as something that it can ingest. Finding one that is also absorbent, even digestible, such as pelleted litters. Pelleted litters are also a bit heavier and bigger, so it won’t get plugged up into your pet’s nose or its anus. Your little friend loves to dig into almost anything and if you have some litter that is just too small, your pet might just sniff it and create problems later.

Other options are as follows: wood litter, clay litter, scoopable litter, and newspaper.

Tips when finding the best litter for a pet ferret

  1. Make sure to use litters that DO NOT clump. These may block parts of the body of a ferret, including its intestines and might endanger the life of your pet.
  2. Do not use litters that contain a lot of dust, perfumes, wood oils, or other chemicals.
  3. There are ferrets that are allergic to wood litters, so be careful if you plan to use this option.

Don’t think that you can just use any cheap, generic litter that any cat can use and your pet ferret will just have a good time using it as well. Cats are cleaner when it comes to its bathroom habits. To make sure that your pet as well as its cage remains cleaner and safer for your pet, use the right litter for your ferret.